This 10 week course is designed to give you everything you need to pass your CMS exam

Becoming a sommelier takes more than dedication, it takes a community. Having a support system is how we grow in the wine world, and the most successful sommeliers work together to be their best. We have created a live, digital mentorship experience designed to create a community of sommelier exam candidates and provide sessions on how to prepare for service, tasting, and theory exams. Students will attend a series of webinars and online tutoring sessions designed to deepen their understanding of how to manage wine programs, wine service execution, deductive tasting techniques, and the depth and level of wine theory needed to be a successful floor sommelier. If you plan to sit for wine exams, join us for a ten-week preparation cohort where you will get real-time instruction and meet other candidates to study and prepare with. The course includes:

  • Two live sessions each week covering a wide array of topics

  • Personalized Study Plan

  • Twelve Testable Wines

  • Three Live Blind Tasting Sessions-Two as a Group and One Private Session

  • Live Service Demonstrations

  • A Seminar on the Business of Wine

  • 300 Pages of Study Guides

  • Weekly Reviews and Quizzes

  • Office Hours for Any Additional Assistance

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Letter

    2. Introduction Survey

    3. Weekly Schedule

    4. Tastings Sign Up Sheet

    5. Class Contact Sheet

    6. Link To Order Wines From Master the World

    7. Office Hours and Blind Tasting Sessions Survey

    1. What to Expect from the CMS, Certified Exam Syllabus, and Theory Comparison Questions

    2. Deductive Tasting Formats

    3. Certified Exam Testable Varieties, Tasting Grids By Varietal, and Grape Markers

    4. Service Standards

    5. Theory Study Guides

    6. Service and Blind Tasting Study Guides

    7. BONUS: Wine Business Guide

    8. Additional Items for the Certified Exam

    9. EXAMPLE Code Sheet for Preparing Your Own Blind Wines

    10. HTDW Blind Tasting Videos and Mock Service Videos

    1. Finding Your Learning Style

    2. Study Tips for Different Learning Styles

    3. Study Tech by Rob Ord

    4. Example Study Plans

    5. Monday, May 13th Webinar

    6. Thursday, May 16th Webinar 12:00 pm EST

    7. Monday, May 13th RECORDING: Intro and Course Overview

    8. Thursday, May 16th RECORDING: Study Plans and Utilizing Your Learning Style

    1. France Quizzes

    2. Maps of France

    3. Additional Resources

    4. Monday, May 20th Webinar 1:00 pm EST

    5. Thursday, May 23rd Webinar 12:00 pm EST

    6. Monday, May 20th RECORDING: France 1

    7. Thursday, May 23rd RECORDING: France 2

    1. Italy Quizzes

    2. Italian Wine Maps

    3. Additional Resources

    4. Monday, May 27th Webinar 1:00 pm EST

    5. Thursday, May 30th Webinar 12:00 PM EST

    6. Monday, May 27th RECORDING | Italy - 1

    7. Wednesday, May 30th RECORDING, Italy 2

    1. Service Scenarios and Steps of Service

    2. Restaurant Math Resources

    3. Certified Service Recommendations Powerpoint

    4. Monday, June 3rd Webinar 1:00 pm EST

    5. Thursday, June 6th Webinar 11:30 pm EST (SPECIAL TIME)

    6. Monday, June 3rd RECORDING: Service Scenarios

    7. Wednesday, June 6th RECORDING: Service Demonstration

About this course

  • Payment Plan: $431.67/month
  • 82 lessons
  • Payment Plans Available
  • 40 Hours of Live Instruction including Blind Tasting, Service and Wine Business
  • 300 Pages of Study Guides


Learn from the original CS mentor and teacher

Ashley Broshious


Ashley is an Advanced Sommelier with over 15 years of experience as both a sommelier and a wine educator. She has helped over 75 students pass the Certified Sommelier Exam and teaches for WSET, CSW, and many others. Her ability to bring focused knowledge and real life applications to our programs is invaluable in helping our students succeed. She is the created of the Sommelier Prep Course and the author of the soon to be published book on how to pass the CMS Certified Exam.

Everything You Need to Pass the Certified Sommelier Exam

With over 300 pages of study guides, live lectures, blind tastings, service demos and more! Payment plans available!